About Me

‘Every man finds the slave in him as soon as he wishes to serve Me’

My Life

I am a beautiful, stylish, confident and intelligent Lady with many years of experience as a Dominatrix.
Already during My childhood in New York, I was fascinated by fetish wear, and discovered My Dominance as a teenager.  I started as a professional Mistress in New York where I was very active in the BDSM scene, before moving to Antwerp where I enjoy participating in Fetish Events, BDSM parties, but also private meetings.
I still frequently visit the major events throughout the world.  Next to training an endless amount of submissives in My studio I made many videos, photo shoots and movie clips throughout the years.
I also performed on a variety of shows worldwide. I was Guest of Honour at the famous Dom Con convention in the USA.
I am still proud of Myself being a Sublime Lady of the OWK.  I frequently went to the illustrious Other World Kingdom where I made many videos and photo shots as well.  I spent some great times there while meeting new friends from throughout the world.
Recently I set up a new event focusing on Female Domination, called FemDomania, together with Mistress Morticia.  We host this exciting quarterly event in the beautiful medieval Fetish Café in downtown Antwerp.

My Reputation

My goal is to respect, meet and exceed the needs of all slaves who decide to enter My world, while keeping them healthy.  In My world discretion, hygiene and safety, including your personal belongings, are of the utmost importance.  There are clothing lockers and a neat bathroom in My studio.
I strictly uphold the Safe, Sane and Consensual ethic.  I do not engage in dangerous or permanently altering play, even if the people specially ask for it.  I take My task as a Mistress very seriously and consider it My responsibility to take care of the well-being of My submissives, both physically and mentally.
I do not have a preference for certain type of submissive or looks. I can have a good connection and chemistry with a 75-year old or even a partly disabled submissive.

My Philosophy

I am a true FemDom believer, which does not mean that I am a man hater who considers men as a lower life form while hurting them merely for My own personal amusement.  I however do believe in the power of femininity as Women tend to have more emotional intelligence and intuition which can be stronger than the minds of the most powerful men in breaking them in.
I consider Myself a classical Dominatrix loving the old school power exchange, unlike the modern mobile phone and internet era where BDSM sometimes seems to have grown into an instant kick or drug where many submissives seek a quick fix to let some steam off instead of a more deep and solid D/s relationship, built on trust and respect.
If you are of the now common mindset that a Mistress exists for your usage, instead of the opposite, I respectively advise you to seek someone else who fully accepts this way of working thus meeting your expectations.
My style of play can be described as a subtle mix of power exchange and sensitivity.  I always respect limits, but I do like to mould My submissives to meet My needs, and to expand their horizons with new experiences.

My Guidance

My background in psychology enables Me to read your mind and desires.  This combined with My sensual powers, will bring your fantasy to life.  In My playroom, which is equipped to live many different fantasies and dreams, you will see how quickly I can bring your secret to the other side and to the surface, to let out freely the other side of your personality. There will be no one to judge you, just Me to guide you.
For beginners I am well known for being patient and careful.  I know how important a first experience with BDSM is.  Many promising good beginner slaves are almost literally ‘cured’ from their BDSM feelings for the rest of their life because he/she visited a Mistress not being fully aware of the internal emotions and vulnerability coming with a first experience.

Visit Me

I hope that you enjoy My new website.  If after reading more you feel that you are worthy of My attention please send Me a respectful email and wait patiently for My response.

Dominantly yours,

Mistress Shane