About Me

I am the world renowned Mistress Shane and I have returned to NY after many years Dominating Europe. I am back to take control of NY, so beware.

My Life

I am a beautiful, stylish, confident and intelligent Lady with many years of experience as a Dominatrix.

During My childhood in New York, I was fascinated by fetish wear, and discovered My Dominance as a teenager.  I started as a professional Mistress in New York where I was highly involved in the scene. Then I moved to Antwerp where I continued my life of Dominance.

I still frequently visit major events throughout the world.  In addition to training submissives, I have made many videos, photo shoots and movie clips. I also performed at a variety of events worldwide. I was Guest of Honor at the famous DomCon convention in Los Angeles.

I have earned the title of Sublime Lady of the OWK.  I am featured in many OWK videos which are still available on their website.

 My Guidance

My background in psychology enables Me to understand your mind and desires. Combined with My sensual powers, I will bring your fantasy to life.  From surrender comes the freedom to explore your inner desires. There will be no one to judge you, just Me to guide you.

For beginners, I am well known for being patient and careful.  I know how important a first experience with BDSM is.  If you are a beginner prepare to have a life changing experience under My guidance.

Dominantly yours,

Mistress Shane